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RI-CON have completed numerous domestic jobs including driveways (plain, coloured & exposed),  garage and shed slabs, concrete pathways, steps, concrete pool areas, patios, crossovers and more. 

We take care of all required excavation and whether you are looking for smooth trowel finish, stipple finish, broom finish, burn finish or any other concrete application, RI-CON concreting services can assist you.

services we offer

Garage/Shed Slabs

We offer a complete range of slab construction services including renovations, extensions or sheds of any size!

We know the importance of any concrete slab foundation and the role it plays. That’s why we give the utmost attention in all of our works, to ensure the foundation/footing is not only strong but meets all the required Australian Standards.


A new driveway can dramatically improve the look of your home and it’s curb appeal.

RI-CON offers the following options when it comes to concrete driveways.


  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Coloured Concrete
  • General Purpose – Grey Concrete
  • Decorative Concrete Inlays.


Concrete pathways are the most trouble free solution you will have for making an otherwise muddy, dusty or uneven surface easily accessible. Unlike pavers that can move to create trip hazards or encourage weed growth, if not installed or maintained correctly and gravel that keeps needing maintenance. Concrete pathways are a hard wearing and very customisable solution.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a very easy and smart way to add value to your house. After placement of the concrete, the top few millimetres of concrete paste are removed from the surface in order to reveal the stone (called: aggregate) embedded within. A sealer is applied to enhance and protect the finished product.


RI-CON offers professional and high quality council concreting services. Our long standing relationships with city councils enable us to undertake almost any crossover & footpath project. Our experience and expertise ensures that your crossover, footpath, kerb and channel installation is completed correctly the first time. Saving you any risks of non-compliance with Council.

Concrete Footings

The construction of footings is best left to the pros, so that we can assess the soil conditions. We will ensure the proper depth and width for the footings, as well as the proper placement. Placement of footings is crucial to provide the proper support for the foundation and ultimately the structure.

Concrete Stepping Stones

Give life to your pathways and create an enchanting trail using stepping stones. They are ideal for pathways that may lead up to your front door or around the house and even through your garden. Stepping Stones are more than just making your path visually appealing, they make high traffic areas look neat and have a slip-resistant feature.

Concrete Around Pools

Unlike decking that needs continuous re-coating each year to protect it, or pavers that can start to move over time and get weeds growing in between them, a solid concrete surround is almost maintenance free. 
RI-CON are experts in concrete pool surrounds, get in touch to see what options are available.

Concrete Steps

Concrete steps are a very specialised aspect of the concrete trade, with strict preparation and application requirements, it is best to leave this to the pro’s. RI-CON have many years experience with constructing and building outdoor concrete steps. You can feel confident that you will be getting a highly professional and quality service.

Concrete Retaining Walls

We are highly qualified to design and install your custom retaining wall.
Let our team match your unique visual aesthetic. Retaining walls can be used around your property to protect it or enhance your landscaping appeal.


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Ryan – 0425 724 445

Ryan – 0425 724 445

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